1. The house owner (hereinafter the owner) agrees to handling over the house in perfect conditions of use and cleanliness , with all its elements in a perfect working order and will provide a reliable solution, as far as possible, to any hypothetical problems you (hereinafter the tenant(s)) might encounter. The owner will show the house facilities to the tenant(s), providing operating instructions for the home appliances and answering any questions regarding the house and its utensils the tenant(s) might have.
  2. Upon tenant(s) arrival, the owner will provide with the Internal Rules and Regulations sheet, which will be accepted by the tenant(s) by signing them. Furthermore, an inventory detailing all the elements and utensils will be provided by the owner.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the check-in starts at 16:00 (GMT +1) of the first day.
  4. Likewise , the check-out shall be carried out at 13:00 (GMT+1) of the last day.
  5. To make your reservation, it is mandatory to make a 20% deposit up-front of the total reservation amount. It will be subsequently deduced from the final cost.
  6. The final payment shall be made upon handing over the house keys.
  7. Before the check-out, the owner and the tenant(s) will carry an inspection of the house and its elements and utensils.
  8. The tenant(s) will be responsible for any damages caused by negligence or misuse and will be charged with the costs of any possible reparations.
  9. Against any evidences of vandalism or misuse, the owner reserves the rights to terminate the contract at any time, and thus the tenant(s) must abandon the house.
  10. The owner will charge a cancellation fee of that said 20% up-front deposit if the tenant(s) cancel within less than fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled arrival.
  11. According to Spanish laws, an admission form has to be completed by any tenant(s) older than sixteen (14) years old.
  12. Unhealthy, dangerous, inconvenient or illegal activities are prohibited.
  13. Staying overnight or using the house by other people is strictly prohibited unless explicit authorisation from the owner.
  14. No pets allowed unless previous agreement.
  15. Stag/hen nights and any kind of parties are strictly prohibited.
  16. The owner will not be responsible for any misbehaving  or actions carried out by the tenant(s).
  17. The owner reserves the right to refuse admission.
  18. The present document will be signed by the tenant(s) upon handing over the keys to the house.